Join the Civic Center!

Please support “your home for the performing arts” in Marlboro County by becoming a member of the Marlboro Civic Center.

Your membership donations enable the Civic Center to continue operations and assist in bringing high quality entertainment to our stage.

Additional Benefits are:

*Advance ticket sales prior to the general public sales

*Newsletters, emails, and mailings of Civic Center sponsored events

*Recognition in programs & website of Civic Center sponsored events

*Invitation to special member only events

*Volunteer opportunities in the theatre.

Annual giving levels:

Command Performance      $1,000
Bravissimo                                   $500
Bravo                                              $250
Encore                                            $100
Ovation                                            $50
Applause                                          $25
Student                                             $10



Command Performance($1000 &up)

Hank and Gloria Avent

Judge Edward Cottingham

Dottie Love Farfone

Mr. and Mrs. David D. Fowler

Duane and Drada P. Hoover

Tracy and Janice Kea, Jr.

Charles Love

Hugh and Jane McColl, Jr.

Bravissimo ($500-999)

Mr. and Mrs. William Easterling

Don Evans

Linda Jones

Charles and Molli Moon, Jr.

David L. Shelton

Bravo ($250-499)

Chuck and Jo Black

Sully and Erin Blair

William C. and Patricia H. Clark

Ray and Jean Coddington

Marvin and Gloria Cooper

Mr. and Mrs. Richard Dixon

Easterling Law Office

Harry and Renee Easterling, Jr.

Joann Hart

Mr. and Mrs. Doug Jennings

Mr. and Mrs. William L. Kinney, Jr.

Alan and Leslie McDonald

Dan and Elizabeth McNiel

Charles O’Neal

T. A. O’Neal

Mr. and Mrs. Richard S. Rogers

Dr. and Mrs. Bruce Usher

Encore ($100-249)

Alpha Beta Chapter –DKG

Pastor Dorothy Anderson

Blanche S. Artibee

Mr. and Mrs. Mark Avent

Jerry and Delorice Barrington

Dr. Dudley and Sharon Beaty

Fred and Emmie Beck

Greg and Mary Boan

Thomas and Dexe Bostick

Doris Ann Breeden

Mr. and Mrs. Bobby Brock

John and Jane Brooks

Timothy E. Brown

Burroughs-Cooper Funeral Home

Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Chavis

Woody and Trisha Collins

Margaret R. Corry

Victoria L. Covington

Dorothy Anne Cumbey

Gary and Jennie Dalton

Beatrice J. DuPree

Ephraim Fields

Mr. and Mrs. William Fleming, Jr.

Larry Geddie

James and Helen Gibbs

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert H. Gould

Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Hagan

Mr. and Mrs. Oneal Hamilton

Mr. and Mrs. William A. Hinson

Beverly Hodges

David L. Hopkins

Hampton and Phyllis Hubbard

John and Susan Huston

Jim and Carol Hutchins

David and Ashley Johnson

John and Kathryn Jackson

Joan D. Johnakin

Robert and Eva S. Johnson

Emily F. Kelly

Margaret L. Kelly

John and Latreta Kennerly

Judge Jamie F. Lee

Vivian and Jincey Lee

David and Cathy Lynch

Dr. and Mrs. John May

Meggs Ford, Inc.

Arthur and Gail Moore

Patricia Morrison

Ron and Elizabeth Munnerlyn

Lynn and Lindsay McColl

John and Gail McInnis

Fay McLaurin

John and Deborah McLaurin

NAPA Auto Parts – Dan Castor

Jeffrey and Stacey Newton

John and Penny Nobles

Lt. Col. Ben and Dr. Michele Petrone

Tom and Dottie Pharr

Randy and Joan Potter

Carolyn A. Prince

Jean Quick – The Regal Touch Salon

Blake and Pat Rogers

Frank and Cheryle Rogers

Rodney and Chastity Rummage

Scotland Motors, Inc. – Lee Howell

Ricky and Terrie Sheets

Frank and Libby Shutt

Kemp and Sylvia Stewart

Ray Stroup

Ken and Kathy Stuart

Phil and Amy Thomas

Frances Townsend

Tuesday Study Club

Twentieth Century Literacy Club

Mr. and Mrs. Jimmy Usher

Jennie Weatherly

Annette B. Webster

Mr. and Mrs. Barry J. Wetzel

Highway 55 Burgers and Fries Cheraw, SC

Mike and Bonnie Winburn

Robert and Sarah D. Woods

Harry S. Wright

Ovation ($50-99)

Scott and Carolyn Andrews

Ann J. Austin

Gene and Millie Baker

Peggy Bishop

Beulah C. Black

Mr. Bob Blackwell

Phillip and Sherita Blue

Billy and Kim Bundy

Buddy and Rhetta Calhoun

Cathy Cantwell

Frank and Teresa Clark

Rhett and Gray Covington

Ricky and Lynn Covington

Dr. Jay Dowd

Jay and Douglas Drake

Dale Driggers

Kathleen T. English

Deloris Frye

Robert and Shannon Goff

David Graham

Keith and Pamela Grant

Roger and Anne Griggs

Kip and Nicole Gulledge

Donald Hamilton

Ken Harmon

Marlowe Harrington

Mack Hartis

Lou and Cathy Helsel

Mary J. Herndon

Patsy Herndon

Diane Hines

Dougie and Lia Hinson

Breeden and Dottie Hollis

Ray and Betty Howe

Daphne Hyatt

David and Sue Jackson

Scott and Angela Johnson

Dora Kendall

Patsy Killingworth

Ron and Orlah King

Ray and Linda Lee

Fran M. Lewis

Abby Locklear

Marlboro Realty

Charles Maurer

Mr. J. C. McAlpine

James. C. McColl

Ed and Virginia McCraw

George and Mary McElveen

Dr. Marilyn H. McLeod

Doug and Margaret Ann Newton

Michael and Terri O’Tuel

James Pammel

John and Brenda Powers

Janice Rozier

Marty Rankin

Mr. and Mrs. John I. Rogers

Mr. and Mrs. James H. Skipper

Lydia Smith

Ben Stanton

Todd and Tracie Stubbs

Sara H. Thomas

Carolyn D. Wallace

J.S. and Shirley Watson

Mary Kay Wallace

Deborah Wimberly

Patricia Wright

Applause ($25-49)

David and Kathy Avery

Frances P. Belcher

Linda Cardenas

Tommy and Wanda Clark

Mr. and Mrs. Monroe Cottingham

Pam Covington

Kathy Culbertson

Betty H. Derrick

Belinda J. Driggers

Nan Fleming

Lillian Freeman

Betty Gilchrist

Gladys Graham

Jennings Griggs

Mr. and Mrs. George Harrill

John T. Henegan

Eric and Leslie Herndon

Betty Neal Hinson

Margaret Hollis

Larry and Phyllis Honeycutt

Debbie Hurley

Lathrum Johnson

Willa Johnson

Mr. and Mrs. Bill and Jones

Linda K. Jones

Denise Lanier

Barbara E. Leviner

Frances B. Lewis

Mr. and Mrs. Mark M. Lindsey, Jr.

Kenneth Lynch

Carl Mackey

Maison Parfaite

Katherine Manville

John and Ann Moody

Sara Ellen Munnerlyn

Rhetta McInnis

Gilbert McLaurin

Susan McNiel

Macky and Laurie Norton

Claudette Odom

H. Dixon Odom

Davis S. Plummer

Brandinika Ritter

Wilma Smith

Hawkins and Christine Strickland

Nancy Todd

Nancy Townsend

Brenda Van Winkle

Rebecca Vereen

Jim and Nancy Wood

Milton and Peggy Worsley

Student ($10)

Will Beck

Jenna Leslie

Kate Leslie

Allie Locklear