Congratulations School Performers !

The Marlboro Civic Center hosted Marlboro County School District Chorus and Dance Day on Wednesday March 27 and Band Day on March 29.  Students from Blenheim Elementary Middle School, Marlboro County High School, Marlboro School of Discovery, McColl Elementary Middle School,  and Wallace Elementary Middle School graced the stage with quality performances. 

A special thank you everyone who made this possible for the children of Marlboro County:

  • District staff who coordinated the funding and field trip paperwork. Especially the ones who came to watch the performances.
  • The individual school principals. Especially the ones who came to watch the performances.
  • All the instructors, band directors, choral directors and dance instructors.
  • The bus drivers, the school secretaries, the school lunch staff.
  • School board members who attended the performances.
  • All parents, grandparents and audience members.


Looking forward to next year!


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