Lip Sync Battle 2016 – “Back Krackas”

Marlboro Lip Sync Battle 2016💋🎤🎶 Watch out & Get “BACK” the “BACK KRACKAS” are in town and they are making a few “ADJUSTMENTS”. Going for the Mo’ Money $$ Trophy🏆🏅! So “WHIP” (lash) out your cash $ plz donate $1.oo per vote. You can stop by Palmetto Welless & Injury Center OR Marlboro Civic Center.Continue reading “Lip Sync Battle 2016 – “Back Krackas””

How to vote for your favorite Lip Sync performers

Lip Sync Battle 2016 is planned as a rollicking evening of community members and businesses showcasing their “talents” on stage set to some of the most popular tunes.  In addition, the evening is also a fund raiser for the Marlboro Civic Center.  One of the trophies awarded at the end of the show will beContinue reading “How to vote for your favorite Lip Sync performers”