Lip Sync Battle 2016 – Midgley Mix A Lot

Lip Sync Battle 2016 – “Laid back…with my mind on my money 💰 and my money on my mind”… 🎼❤️🎤🎼❤️🎤🎼❤️🎤🎼❤️🎤🎼❤️🎤Help support Marlboro County Civic Center by voting for Midgley Agency by donating $1.00. Each dollar counts as a vote towards winning the Mo’ Money trophy. You can come by the office to vote or at the Marlboro Civic Center at 106 Clyde St in Bennettsville or calling 843-454-9496. All donations go towards the Marlboro Civic Center. It’s for a great cause and a ton of laughs! @leslieb804 @addyleigh07 @sheetsterrie

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