Lip Sync Battle 2016-Midgley Mix A Lot

Lip Sync Battle 2016 Here we come!!! 🙌 Lucky you, our mics will be turned off 😂🎤🎼   Let’s raise lots and lots of “g’s” 💰for the Marlboro Civic Center!!!  Vote for Midgley Agency!!!    Every vote cost a buck-and wishes us lots of luck! ❤️💥🎼🎤✌️️   Lots of great acts! ❤️ Great cause! ❤️ Lots of fun!

Lip Sync Battle 2016 – Dentistry on Broad

Help support Marlboro County Civic Center by voting for Dentistry On Broad by donating $1.00. Each dollar counts as a vote towards winning the Mo’ Money trophy. You can come by the office to vote at 225 Broad St or at the Marlboro Civic Center at 106 Clyde St in Bennettsville or calling 843-454-9496. AllContinue reading “Lip Sync Battle 2016 – Dentistry on Broad”